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“Ricardo is a very caring, kind and hard working young man while he loves everyone and tries to get along with everyone ! He is effectively intelligent !”

cynthia caracoza

“I believe young,prepare and smart people like him can make a big difference…”

Spanda Moradmand

“A diverse and multicultural city like Los Angeles needs a multicultural representative, who understands the needs and concerns of the people. Ricardo is exactly that candidate whose intelligence, passion and integrity will help pave a bright future for District 34. I endorse Ricardo because he has shown through his active participation in the community that he genuinely cares about the well being and future of the people he represents. The only way is with Ricardo!”

Carlos Jaramillo



“Porque Ricardo De la Fuente es la mejor opción para representar a la población latina y en especial a la de origen mexicana ante la amenaza de la política migratoria de Donald Trump que es aberrante! ADELANTE RICARDO!”

Bora H.

“Ricardo is a fighter and will fight for your rights until his last breath. A man of action representing the people.”

Ryan Carlos Saenz

“I know Ricardo and his family personally and they are a blessing to their communities and our country. Ricardo is an intelligent, bold, unwavering, calculated young man who would bring fresh ideas and cultural balance to our government.”

Jadali Javad

“Ricardo is a good person with honor , w love u!”

Keila Yazdani Bosdet

“Go Ricardo! You can do this”

Katiana Yazdani Bosdet

“Ricardo is an amazing person! ❤️”

Rodolfo Glez-larrondo

“I know Ricardo. I know how well prepared he is to become the best 34th Congressional District candidate.”

Rafael Rubio

“Comes from a successful/honest business family/ a Doer.”


“He is a great man”


“Ricardo is a cordial and friendly guy hope to vote for him in the coming election”

Massoud Saghafi

“Educated, liberal, responsible. Honest and an excellent communicator.”

Charly Murphy

“Ricardo he is an outstanding character strong, lots of ideas for creating jobs for people he love sharing and giving…”

Soussan Ayari

“Ricardo is an exceptional leader and deeply devoted to lifting the community.”

Alex Blum

“I endorse Ricardo because he brings fresh energy, excitement, and optimism to all that he touches.”


“VamOs Ricardo!!!”


“Ricardo consistently demonstrates deep understanding of the community/district’s needs, and, possesses the necessary leadership, drive and compassion to get the job done.”

Eli Unceta

“Ricardo’s fresh energy will Reinvigorate congress and make the changes we need to see”

Allan Garcia

“He has a strong potential and unquestionable integrity. Clear views for the future and energy to implement bright ideas.”

Prianka Gilmour

“honest, hardworking and reliable!”

Nico Batt

“Great Man, Great Ideas, Great Vision!”

fatih aslan

“Go Ricky! We are behind you!!”

Roya Ghaseminejad

“He’s trustable and accountable and he can make significant changes”

Veronica Huerta

“I have knowed Ricardo, all his life, He will do an honest and caring job as his family values from his mother are exceptional and bountifull, he will fight hard to represent us.”

Tatiana Basanez

“I endorse Ricardo because he is familiar with the reality of what it means to be multicultural in American society and because he is energetic and will make the right choices.”

gerardo galduroz

“Ricky ve con todo!!!”

cesar galduroz

“Vamos ricardo ¡¡¡¡¡¡”

Saeed Ganji

“Honesty and the love for what he does.”

Paco Palani Rouvroy

“Ricky estamos contigo”

Tariq Collins

“Yo future Congressman good luck!”


“Ricky estamos contigo”

Frankie Baroudi

“Ricky is a driven, sharp, polished young man with a world of experience for his few years on this planet. A super-quick study and a heart of gold make for a good solid and honest candidate for everyone to support.”

Neda Safarzadeh

“Reliable and qualified. He can represent in behalf of many hardworking class people!”


“I endorse Ricky because he really cares about people and their success in life whatever that is. He’s passionate, very smart and able to work in many different areas of the community – business, education, politics, and community leaders. He’s a great choice to lead the district. Kimberly Moore CEO”


“He’s an awesome guy, and has a strong moral compass.”

Alejandro Laplana Z.

“If you seek accountability, a commitment to results and a refreshing voice consistently backed by action, look no further than Ricardo. On the other hand, if you seek idle talk and politics as usual, look elsewhere.”

Greg B.

“I endorse Ricardo because he is an extremely talented and trustworthy person and always gives 110% to anything he pursues.”

Mush Tovmasyan

“Young, charismatic, well-educated and full of energy! Ricardo has what it takes to represent such a vibrant and diverse community.”

Brandon Plascencia

“Ricardo is an intelligent, Passionate man who fights for the people. This is the type of people we need in office!”

Eric A. Vasallo

“Ricardo has the compassion and intelligence of a natural leader. His balanced perspective is much needed in today’s political arena. I am very confident he will earn the support of his work peers.”


“I endorse Ricardo for the following reasons: 1. International Travel & Experience – Ricardo’s experience and international travel provides a strong understanding of local and world markets governance. 2. Education – Ricardo was educated in the top boarding school in the world along with attending USD & Harvard University. 3. Political Experience – Managed his Father’s Presidential Candidacy of the United States 4. Multilingual and Ethnic Background – Ricardo has a diverse background that understands all people in order to make decisions that are best for everyone 5. Goals & Ambition – Ricardo may be youthful, but this only supports the amount of ambition he has in order to achieve the goals and items that are needed to be accomplished to improve the standard of living for all. Ricardo is absolutely the ideal candidate.”

Parsua Moradmand

“Ricardo is exceptionally intelligent and an all-around good person with good family values, strong work ethics and a determination to get the job done.”

P. David Cienfuegos

“I endorse Ricardo because he is genuinely motivated to Make Los Angeles Great Again!”

Ozan Ozkural

“He has the passion and energy to make a positive contribution to the society overall”

Yann Paoletti

“I have known Ricardo for more than a decade now and i can tell you he is the most humble and caring person I know! He is simply the best person for the job !!!”

Tigran Tovmasyan

“We need more people to represent the younger generation and Ricardo is willing to do the hard work.”


“I endorse Ricardo because his background makes him highly representative of the people he intends to serve for. His innovative and avant-garde approach makes him the perfect fit!”

Anton Stratiev

“Ricardo is a leader and a fighter. He will fight to defend human rights and is exactly the type of person we need in Congress.”

Matteo Mariotti

“I endorse Ricardo because he is the best candidate to promote, with integrity and commitment, the people’s interests in his district.”


“He will be a great addition to congress”

Alex Tsavi

“I endorse Ricardo because I know his strong dynamic personality can finally promote real change and make a difference. I have been waiting a long time for someone his qualifications and outstanding morals to run. Just what we need right now, Thank you Ricardo!”

Yasu Smn

“I have known Ricky for over 10 years and never had a bad thing to say about him or heard someone say bad things about him. That says all.”


“Ricky will be a strong candidate for his in-depth understanding of diverse cultures and people. His strong values for Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matters and his business acumen will make America Great Again!”

saiba Roberts

“I endorse Ricardo because he’s one of the most thoughtful, caring and humble person I’ve met. He has tremendous passion for humanity. I’m in your corner bro”

Omar Barakat

“Great mentality, has learned from the best! He will really make a difference”

Skander Ben Ayed

“We couldn’t hope for a better candidate to represent the district!”

Jirabhadr Jaturavith

“Ricardo speaks for the People!”

Alexandre Dorriz

“The 34th Congressional District is arguably perhaps one of the most important districts in the greater Los Angeles region at this moment. The cityscape’s Micro-Manhattan impending future relies on an architect of policies with vision and foresights of globalism. With fervent optimism, I see this district a strong template for international cities, those which Ricardo has dedicated a career in traveling to and for – discovering and inspecting the ins and outs of to only bring to this district he cares and extends support to so much. As a childhood friend I see Ricardo prospering, and succeeding, in creating a global community as inclusive and multi-cultural as he is himself.”


“There are those who say that America’s greatest days are behind us. There are those who say that future generations will inherit problems far beyond solutions. There are those who say that the American Dream is no longer a reality but a myth. With so much doubt and pessimism, it is going to take someone with great vision, conviction, and character to tackle the vast changes affecting our everyday lives. That someone is Ricky De La Fuente. I have known Ricky for almost 10 years. Rest assure, if he gets the opportunity to serve in public office, the future is in good hands.”

Raquel V. Wick

“Great guy with a big-picture mindset!”

hibah ounallah

“Ricardo is very capable and hard working…For this he is very fit for the position.”

Mete Yelkenci

“Ricardo is the most passionate, positive, trustworthy, loyal and genuinely well intentioned person I know. He has an incredible uplifting energy that is wonderful to be around. I can’t think of anyone else better suited for the job!”

Omar Al-Maeena

“I endorse Ricardo because he is a very passionate and competent person that will go the distance on what he promises.”

Adrian Parker

“I am excited to see Ricardo win this election! His experience, passion, and being one of us, will have a profound affect on our country!”

Derrick Lee

“I endorse Ricardo because he understands people and understands what it takes to be a successful business man”

Saum Vahdat

“Ricardo has an amazing heart, with which he cares for all the people around him. He will go out of his way to improve those he knows and even those he doesn’t. On a personal level, his passion, intelligence, and extreme work ethic will allow him to tackle any obstacle with creative and efficient solutions. Ricardo is the man for the job!”

John Damiani

“Ricardo is a dreamer but also a doer. He is a man of action but also a man of compassion finally we have someone, an outsider but one of us, to stand up against tyranny.”

Michael Ifeanyi Ajegbo

“I endorse Ricardo because he is a dreamer. America was built on dreams. California has the world’s leading talents. Ricardo can transform their potential into potency.”

Steve An

“He’ll be great for California.”

Reza Larizadeh

“From when I first met Ricardo he has shown me nothing but kindness! Extremely well educated and truly cares for people’s needs. Has great judgement and is constantly giving back to communities worldwide!”

Ryan Shelton

“He’s a pure hearted man whom I’ve had the privilege of knowing since our days back in college. Solid, solid character”

Ahmed Al Tayyar

“He is smart, has a good heart and is very honest and sincere. He also is able to connect well to people of different backgrounds and social diversity. Will fight for what’s right. Very diplomatic.”

jaz ayling

“He’s pretty cool and also athletic”

diana bosdet

“Ricardo it’s our candidate that meets all the criteria for the job!!! Support him!!!”

Cosimo Violati

“I endorse Ricardo because he always keeps his eyes on the stars, and feet on the ground. He is a man with a genuine heart that puts energy, passion and perseverance in all his endeavors.”

Alejandra Arango

“Ricardo Es un hombre con principios y valores y una gran vocación de servir a la comunidad.”

Alfonso Bigeriego

“Apoyo absoluto a nuestro amigo Ricardo de la Fuente para defender los derechos humanos y crear puentes! No muros!”

aime Marti

“I endorse Ricardo because he has a noble heart and whatever he does is with the best intentions. He also will not stop until the job is done!”

ibrahim taher

“I endorse Ricardo because at his worse, he always keeps a positive outlook on whatever the challenge he faces. At his best, he gives 100% at all times. He is also a caring person, who does everything in his power to help others.”

Graciela Caffera

“Tiene todas las cualidades para liderar y lograr sus objetivos. Inteligencia, capacidad de negociación, carisma, bondad, sensibilidad. ¡Y ni qué hablar del manejo de tantos idiomas que no me dan los dedos de las manos para contarlos! Dato no menor al momento de entender y comunicarse mejor con las diferentes etnias. Todo mi apoyo a Ricardo “Ricky” De La Fuente!”

Milos Jeknic

“He is the man for the job… A man ‘For the People’! #GORICKY #RICKYFORCONGRESS”

Durjoy Ace Bhattacharjya

“I endorse Ricardo for his business acumen and his deep desire to make a difference”

Hassan Kassam

“Genuine person who has the desire, global experience, and intellectual ability to make a difference.”

Jason Pullman

“Great man with a great vision!”

zohreh Zarrin

“Congratulations to Ricardo and his amazing mom! Wishing him all the success in his endeavors!”


“I endorse Ricardo Yazdani De La Fuente because of his knowleg and worldly exprince he has gained through education, working and traveling. I vote for him!”

Tamara Rodriguez

“He will make the world a better place.”


“We need more Progressives in the Democratic Party if we want to stand a chance against Trump”

Peter H

“Ricardo is a great friend and great leader. We need more people like him to lead our country!!”

Lele FV

“Ricardo De La Fuente is my friend and I have known him for over 15 years. We share the same values and that is why I am supporting him for Congress. We leaders like Ricardo De La Fuente who will stand up and fight for our beliefs and inspire a whole new generation of democrats to get involved and contribute to our democracy”

Rocky De La Fuente

“Young, Aggressive, Devoted, Responsible, ability to communicate in more than 10 Languages. El Candidato perfecto para los Latinos, Orgullo Latino…….”


“I endorse Ricardo because he will stand up for the families and small businesses of the 34th CD – he will take on Trump’s anti-immigrant policies but work with the administration to help business. He is young, Harvard educated and a fighter.”

Danny Pipeliner

“Ricardo has a clear plan for the future and can make a real difference. He is dynamic, enthusiastic, ambitious, positive-minded, trustworthy and most importantly can bring people together. I put my trust in Ricardo!”

Elizabeth Wood

“I trust Ricardo to stand up against the establishment political machine. Ricardo connects very well with citizens from all walks of life and is keen to listening to voters’ issues and formulating solutions to their problems.”


    Ricardo De La Fuente - A strong leader and an example to follow


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    Ricardo De La Fuente - A strong leader and an example to follow


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