Voters Guide: Texas U.S. Representative, District 27

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Ricardo “Rick” De La Fuente (Democrat)

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BACKGROUND: Describe your strongest competency and life experience that qualify you to hold this office. 

Ricardo “Rick” De La Fuente Through my work, I have built a participative leadership style that I will use to represent the 27th District in Washington. My background is in infrastructure development, improving retirement homes and lodgings. As a strategic thinker, I face problems head on, seeking the best informed opinions to create solutions that work. With this communication-first approach to problem solving, we will strengthen our community together.

ISSUES: During your campaign, what is the number one concern expressed to you by the residents of District 27? What is your response to this concern? 

Ricardo “Rick” De La Fuente After talking to thousands of people across 27th District, the main concern expressed by our citizens is Covid-19 preparedness and recovery. I am fighting to get more free masks in the hands of citizens to prevent community viral spread, more stimulus recovery funds for small businesses and citizens to stimulate our local economy, more support for hospitals to protect our front line health workers, and more resources to schools to facilitate quality distance learning during the pandemic.

DISASTER PLANNING: What is your position on Federal government funding for catastrophic events, such as increasingly intense and frequent storms as well as the current pandemic? Explain your answer. 

Ricardo “Rick” De La Fuente Stronger storms and the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us that the federal government needs to invest more funds into preparing to protect citizens during, and recover communities after natural disasters. I plan to keep an open line of communication between federal, state, county and local government, so that we can allocate funds, emergency personnel, and clean water and food as quickly and as effectively as possible everywhere it is needed.

HEALTHCARE: Many residents in Distract 27 have lost their employer-provided insurance for physical and mental healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How would you make resources available to address these concerns? 

Ricardo “Rick” De La Fuente Texas is one of 14 states that has not expanded Medicaid. Republican leadership refuses to accept federal money to extend health insurance to more low-income Texans. We must move politics aside, and invest the funds that are rightfully ours into our people. With these funds, we will provide health insurance to more people that need it most. Additionally, to rebuild employer provided health insurance, I am fighting to get businesses the funds they need to reopen as safely as possible.

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