“I have a dream that one day in the near future we have a Latino in the White House as President of the United States of America” -Ricardo De La Fuente

CORPUS CHRSTI, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2020 / Unprecedented early voting in Texas has been fueled by Latinos across the state. Democratic candidate for U.S. House District 27 Ricardo De La Fuente underlined the importance of this trend by saying, “The road to the White House begins with the Latino vote.” He expanded on this idea by envisioning a near future where Americans elect their first Latino president.

ricardo de la fuente
ricardo de la fuente

While campaigning Saturday, De La Fuente explained why Latino voters are so critical for a better country. “We must get Latinos to vote this election to send the country in the right direction,” De La Fuente said. According to De La Fuente, “politics is about having inclusion, unity, and heart” as demonstrated by Latino activists and voters.

In January 2019, a record-high 38 Latino legislators were sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives. De La Fuente wants to join those trailblazers and knock down the barriers to greater representation in the future. He has a dream that one day soon, this momentum will make a Latino candidate our Commander in Chief.

De La Fuente’s campaign promotes a message resonating with a broad coalition. East Texas has seen recent campaign stops by Sen. Kamala Harris, Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez, and Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa. Local volunteers and supporters have brought this message of people power throughout the district.

Activist Joseph Ramirez argues that “Texas is transforming; if we get out the vote on election day, we can make history.” Voters in U.S. House District 27 have done their part to push Texas past its 2016 voter turnout before Election Day. De La Fuente sees even more voters waiting to cast ballots for inclusion, unity, and heart on November 3.

De La Fuente said, “Latinos its time to get out to vote. Our change Depende de tu voto.” His business experience, commitment to the community, and desire for solutions will build on historical gains made by Latino leaders.

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