Latino Leader Ricardo De La Fuente Urges Latinos to Vote in 2020 Election and Reminds Them That “the road to the White House Begins with the Latino Vote”

Latino Leaders at Home and Abroad Hail Ricardo De La Fuente as Next-Generation Leader

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2020 / Ricardo De La Fuente, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House District 27 in Texas, recently made the following call to action ahead of the November 3 election: ‘As a proud Latino, I’m encouraging Latinos from all across the country to get out the vote. Latinos will decide who will be the next President of the United States.’

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De La Fuente draws on his Mexican heritage to understand the needs of communities often overlooked by politicians. His fluency in 12 languages breaks down barriers to groups long ignored by conventional campaigns. De La Fuente received acclaim across the political community for his bilingual and
solutions-oriented campaign. Former Mexican president Vicente Fox said of De La Fuente, ‘Winning the Texas Democratic primary means you have a big responsibility to represent Latino leaders across the United States. I am really proud of the leadership in the Latino community in the USA, and I urge to continue to fight for them.’

Foreign policy expert Miguel Tavera placed De La Fuente’s candidacy in context by saying, ‘Ricardo De La Fuente is representative of the fastest-growing demographic group in the US. More than ever, Latinos need leaders who can take their voices to Washington. ‘Let’s get out the Latino vote and send Ricardo to Congress.’ In the 2020 election, De La Fuente has appealed to a broad spectrum of Texans during his campaign. De La Fuente has had an impact on people like:

  • Joseph Ramirez: ‘Ricardo De La Fuente is a young, hard-working Latino and the community is voting for him as they want a Latino representing them in Congress.’
  • Alejandra Arango: ‘As a Latina business owner, I see Ricardo being a great leader as he aids Hispanic-owned businesses to navigate during the uncertainty in both English and Spanish.’
  • Maria Elena Oliviera: ‘It’s refreshing to see that we have the opportunity of being represented in Congress by a young and gifted Latino candidate like Ricardo who represents the future demography of our diverse state and nation.’
  • Ysrael Barboza Professional Boxer: ‘Ricardo De La Fuente is determined and has a fighters spirit. It will be my first time voting, and I look forward to casting my vote for him, as we need someone who will Fight For us.’
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