We live in unprecedented times with an ongoing pandemic, a struggling economy, and an out-of-control president. The 27th District needs a representative who will work with others to weather these challenges on our way to a brighter future. Ricardo De La Fuente has the experience and compassion to represent our district. He knows how to lead the way on issues that matter to all of us.

Healthcare & COVID-19

The federal government has failed to respond adequately to the COVID-19 outbreak. Texas has been hit especially hard with 860,000 cases and almost 18,000 deaths and counting. President Trump and Congress have done little to help the 27th District since the CARES Act passed in March. 

We still lack a uniform response based on the best scientific evidence available. As your representative, Ricardo De La Fuente will push for free testing across the country so we have a fuller picture of COVID-19’s spread. Ricardo De La Fuente has donated personal protective equipment and other supplies to organizations throughout the district. Neighbors help neighbors during times of crisis; we need a leader to bring that principle to Congress. 

The 27th District has a 31% uninsured rate, over three times the national uninsured rate. Access to affordable healthcare is essential in the best of times; during a pandemic, it means life or death. Ricardo De La Fuente will fight for affordable access to healthcare so that you can live a healthy life from birth to old age.

Economy and Jobs

Ricardo De La Fuente has worked with small businesses throughout his professional career. He knows that small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. We are at a crossroads for thousands of business owners in the 27th District and millions across the country. 

COVID-19 has led to the closure of 60% of small businesses that shuttered their doors to protect customers. These businesses could have survived if Congress and President Trump provided enough aid from the outset.

Ricardo De La Fuente believes that Congress should make ongoing resources available to businesses as we work to get rid of COVID-19. He also believes that we need a sustainable plan for business growth that prevents another catastrophe for small businesses. He’ll work with other representatives to transcend petty bickering so that our country can move from recovery to prosperity.

National Defense

Our armed forces protect our interests and alliances every day around the world. We have the best military in the world not only because of our well-trained troops but our ability to adapt. That adaptability has been strained over the past 20 years. 

Lengthy conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan represent great sacrifices by soldiers for foolish policies by our leaders. The Trump administration has created tensions with our allies while cozying with dictators. It’s not just our international reputation on the line; it’s our national security. 

Ricardo De La Fuente wants a modern military with the latest technology to fight when our security is at stake. He supports a more measured use of our forces balanced with better intelligence and diplomacy. We can remain a shining light for peace in the world by negotiating international agreements rather than rushing to war.


The ongoing promise of American prosperity is made possible by those who volunteer for our armed forces. We can never fully repay their sacrifice but we can do better than we are doing now. Our Veterans Administration needs more money for community care programs, healthcare, and caregiver benefits.

The VA is the most visible sign of our commitment to America’s veterans but it isn’t the only place we’ve fallen short. The nation’s homeless population consists of 11% veterans with 45% of homeless veterans African American or Hispanic. We’ve also experienced a decline in new businesses opened by veterans due to inconsistent support

Ricardo De La Fuente believes we must do better to help our veterans reacclimate to life at home. He supports more funding to support veteran-owned businesses as well as housing programs that reduce the homelessness rate. We cannot expect future generations of Americans to protect our nation if we don’t fulfill our promises to past generations.


Ricardo De La Fuente knows the value of a good education. He has studied at the University of San Diego and Harvard University before starting his career. He can also speak eight languages fluently because he has received an exceptional education.

Every kid in the 27th District, Texas, and the United States deserves a high-quality education. Early childhood programs are essential to setting future leaders and innovators on the right path. Ricardo De La Fuente supports quality programs that prepare pre-K students for their educaional experiences.

We need to address disparities between predominantly white and predominantly non-white school districts. We need higher education options that are affordable and accessible for everyone who wants a college degree. Ricardo De La Fuente will work with fellow representatives to solve these problems and level the educational playing field.


The United States is a nation of immigrants who have built prosperity from often difficult circumstances. Ricardo De La Fuente traces his roots to Mexican and Iranian immigrants who made their way in our great country. He doesn’t struggle to understand the issues immigrants face when they arrive; these experiences are engrained in his life. 

President Trump and the Republican Party has supported a border wall to keep Mexican and Central American migrants out of the country. They’ve also created inhumane conditions for detained migrants that are unacceptable in a civilized country. Building walls between us and the world are less effective than building bridges.

As your representative, Ricardo De La Fuente will fight for comprehensive immigration reform. He believes our border enforcement should focus on eliminating human trafficking and drug trafficking rather than creating vanity walls and camps. Ricardo De La Fuente will also support programs that help first-generation immigrants in their educational and professional pursuits.


Texas is one of the leading producers of crops and cattle in the United States. Communities around the world rely on what our farms and ranches supply. Agriculture has always been a difficult industry, forcing farmers to be resilient in the face of changing markets and climates. 

The federal government has failed to adequately support farmers in the 27th District, Texas, and the United States. Federal farm subsidies have been insufficient to help farmers through COVID-19 and the trade wars caused by President Trump. In a tough industry, the pandemic and federal indifference have led to farm closures and razor-thin margins.

Ricardo De La Fuente will work to increase subsidies that keep farmers afloat as the economy improves. He will advocate for trade deals that open new markets for Texan farm goods. 

Our current representative has voted with President Trump’s agenda more than 92% of the time including his failed trade policies. It is time for an independent voice who keeps our district’s farmers in mind. 


Texas has been a leading source of energy for the entire country for more than a century. Our state led the way in oil and natural gas extraction that fueled American growth. We will continue to be at the forefront of America’s energy sector by investing in new energy sources.

Ricardo De La Fuente co-founded a solar energy company and worked elsewhere in the clean energy sector. He knows that the future of the 27th District depends on renewable energy produced at home. 

Texas already produces 20% of its energy from renewable sources like solar and wind. We can increase this share, create new jobs, and turn Texas into the nation’s green energy capital with the right leaders. As our next representative, Ricardo De La Fuente will promote clean energy incentives and solutions to achieve these goals.