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Every American Deserves a Roof over their Head, A Safe Neighborhood, an education, a good Paying Job and Access to Healthcare.

Second Generation Immigrant vows to Fight for Families and Small Businesses. Harvard Educated, Clean Energy Entrepreneur.

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I am a proud American that genuinely cares about our country. We live in extraordinary times where our President, Donald Trump, seeks to divide us based on income, race, and religion – often playing on our worst fears. It is a common tactic of oppression and has been happening throughout history. We must fight against these tactics, support our local businesses, support families, and fight for our ethnic heritages. My goal is to challenge the status quo and champion democratic reform on behalf of the people – including the oppressed.

Our District is a melting pot. I am a proud U.S Citizen of Mexican and Persian heritage. I don’t have to pretend to understand minority issues because I have experienced them. I will work hard to make Washington celebrate our differences rather than use them to divide us.

However, I see more shared interests than differences. We would all benefit from greater access to education, healthcare, and housing.  From more jobs, fair wages, and better work conditions, from the clear labeling of food, clean air and water, and a renewable energy policy that protects our environment, and from fair elections that yield diverse representation. Also, we would all benefit from treating everyone with dignity and respect regardless of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, economic status, or political beliefs. I am committed to advancing each of these causes.

I have studied at the University of San Diego, and Harvard traveled extensively and currently speak eight languages fluently. I have started multiple businesses in the private sector and have an appreciation of the real world. As a Millennial, I also understand how social media has changed communication and will utilize it to gain the benefit of your insight. Congress desperately needs fresh ideas, and together, we can deliver them.

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