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De La Fuente modeled his collaborative approach to leadership throughout a voter-first campaign.

Ricardo De La Fuente has used his campaign for U.S. House District 27 in Texas to build up communities imperiled by COVID-19. His run for public office helped fuel record early voting numbers in the district and across the state. On Election Day, the coalition of voters who support De La Fuente will usher in a new era for Texas.  De La Fuente is the youngest Democratic candidate seeking a U.S. House seat in 2020. His campaign hasn’t focused on standard talking points and attacks against his opponent. De La Fuente has leveraged his public status to help those struggling through tough times.  The De La Fuente campaign organized PPE drives for essential workers. De La Fuente also led food drives and laptop donations for local families. Rather than politics as usual, he showed how a leader can positively impact their community.  Appearances in English and Spanish-language media brought De La Fuente’s appeal for inclusion and compassion to the entire district. He has drawn praise from former Mexican President Vicente Fox along with countless local activists and supporters. De La Fuente knows how to collaborate with people across the political spectrum from his successful business career.  Texas achieved a record number of early votes in 2020 due in part to high turnout in District 27. De La Fuente excited voters young and old from diverse backgrounds by centering his campaign on people rather than special interests. He anticipates the same enthusiasm from Election Day voters who can help flip Texas from red to blue for the first time since 1976.  De La Fuente found himself ahead of his opponents in early voting with one week to go. His campaign isn’t taking this support for granted. In the U.S. House, De La Fuente will use the momentum of Election Day as a motivation to solve our nation’s problems.  Voters in District 27 have the opportunity to choose a young, visionary leader on November 3rd to join the growing chorus of Democratic voices in the House. Cast your ballot for Ricardo De La Fuente, a representative for the future of Texas and the United States.

While campaigning Saturday, De La Fuente explained why Latino voters are so critical for a better country. “We must get Latinos to vote this election to send the country in the right direction,” De La Fuente said. According to De La Fuente, “politics is about having inclusion, unity, and heart” as demonstrated by Latino activists and voters. In January 2019, a record-high 38 Latino legislators were sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives. De La Fuente wants to join those trailblazers and knock down the barriers to greater representation in the future. He has a dream that one day soon, this momentum will make a Latino candidate our Commander in Chief.

De La Fuente’s campaign promotes a message resonating with a broad coalition. East Texas has seen recent campaign stops by Sen. Kamala Harris, Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez, and Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa. Local volunteers and supporters have brought this message of people power throughout the district. Activist Joseph Ramirez argues that “Texas is transforming; if we get out the vote on election day, we can make history.” Voters in U.S. House District 27 have done their part to push Texas past its 2016 voter turnout before Election Day. De La Fuente sees even more voters waiting to cast ballots for inclusion, unity, and heart on November 3. De La Fuente said, “Latinos its time to get out to vote. Our change Depende de tu voto.” His business experience, commitment to the community, and desire for solutions will build on historical gains made by Latino leaders.

Recent polling has challenger Ricardo De La Fuente leading as the election season nears its end on November 3rd. The choice is clear Ricardo De La Fuente is the voice of the People. Ricardo began as the underdog after the March Primary and worked hard to build alliances and coalitions in all 13 counties in Texas’ 27 house district. At the end of September, polling was within the Margin of Error. Most recent polling conducted by an independent polling company puts Ricardo with a 6% advantage to incumbent Michael Cloud going into the first week of Early Voting in Texas, which begins October 13th.

Ricardo De La Fuente’s campaign surges by combining innovative and aggressive digital campaigning with a traditional Grassroots field campaign. Ricardo De La Fuente brings his diverse experiences to the table with backgrounds in infrastructure, hotels, restaurants, and healthcare. He is ready to represent our over 13 counties and varied amounts of industries. His passion for languages is evident with abilities in over 12 languages; the gift of communication is innate in Mr. De La Fuente. He is the clear choice to be the people’s voice in Washington.

Fausto Gonzales, as a member of the De La Fuente’s team, states: “When I joined Ricardo’s campaign, we were the underdogs and told it was impossible. With hard work and persistence, we overcame many obstacles to surge (forward) and become the Texas’ 27 house race leader. Ricardo will do great representing the great people of Texas and Latinos Worldwide.”

Ozan Ozkural, CEO of Tanto Capital Partners, said: “With over two decades in finance, I can testify to Ricardo De La Fuente’s international business experience as a great asset to the state of Texas. Ricardo will be instrumental in enhancing Texas’ position as an important global hub for industry and trade.”

Mr. De La Fuente has a tremendous capacity to lead while being the youngest democratic candidate for Texas congress. According to recent polling, he has fired up not only the voters above 50 Years of age but a whole new set of first time voters 18-24. All of whom are excited about this energetic and passionate politician. Ricardo De La Fuente is a “hard worker,” said another fellow candidate.

Early voting begins October 13th, and you are asked to vote for this upstart trailblazer who is ready to bring change into the halls of congress for you. Vote Ricardo De La Fuente!

Ricardo De La Fuente is in the final week of campaigning for Congress. During this historic campaign, unprecedented momentum has led to a surge in the final stretch polls. During a stop at a local pharmacy, one of the store clerks said: “It’s nice to see a young candidate like Ricardo De La Fuente, with fresh energy, who is also a true gentleman.”

Ricardo De La Fuente has been crisscrossing congressional district 27, which encompasses 13 counties. This requires a candidate with stamina and a good work ethic. At the Corpus Christi Police Officer’s Association Boxing Gym, Professional boxer Ysrael Barboza, who trains Ricardo had this to say: “Ricardo De La Fuente is determined and has a fighters spirit. It will be my first time voting, and I look forward to casting my vote for him, as we need someone who will fight for us.” he added: “We need to send a fighter to Washington. This election will be my first time voting, and I’m voting for Ricardo De La Fuente”.
Ricardo De La Fuente decided that he needed to step up, so he donated much needed PPE supplies to election workers and other people in the community during July’s runoff election. Former Chairman of the Democratic Party for Nueces County, Joseph Ramirez, said: “We appreciate Ricardo De La Fuente’s generous contributions. He donated much needed PPE supplies, as well as laptops to children going back to school”.

Ricardo De La Fuente’s platform is centered on healthcare, small businesses, and education. Communications Director Alejandra Arango stated: “Mr. De La Fuente has a great background in business and a recognized philanthropic trajectory with which he has been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities fighting cancer, fighting against homelessness, and children. We need to send leaders to Washington who care about the community, and who lead with their hearts.”

Ricardo De La Fuente, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House District 27 in Texas, recently made the following call to action ahead of the November 3 election: “As a proud Latino, I’m encouraging Latinos from all across the country to get out the vote. Latinos will decide who will be the next President of the United States.”

De La Fuente draws on his Mexican heritage to understand the needs of communities often overlooked by politicians. His fluency in 12 languages breaks down barriers to groups long ignored by conventional campaigns. De La Fuente received acclaim across the political community for his bilingual and
solutions-oriented campaign. Former Mexican president Vicente Fox said of De La Fuente, “Winning the Texas Democratic primary means you have a big responsibility to represent Latino leaders across the United States. I am really proud of the leadership in the Latino community in the USA, and I urge to continue to fight for them.”

Foreign policy expert Miguel Tavera placed De La Fuente’s candidacy in context by saying, “Ricardo De La Fuente is representative of the fastest-growing demographic group in the US. More than ever, Latinos need leaders who can take their voices to Washington. “Let’s get out the Latino vote and send Ricardo to Congress.” In the 2020 election, De La Fuente has appealed to a broad spectrum of Texans during his campaign. De La Fuente has had an impact on people like:

  • Joseph Ramirez: “Ricardo De La Fuente is a young, hard-working Latino and the community is voting for him as they want a Latino representing them in Congress.”
  • Alejandra Arango: “As a Latina business owner, I see Ricardo being a great leader as he aids Hispanic-owned businesses to navigate during the uncertainty in both English and Spanish.”
  • Maria Elena Oliviera: “It’s refreshing to see that we have the opportunity of being represented in Congress by a young and gifted Latino candidate like Ricardo who represents the future demography of our diverse state and nation.”
  • Ysrael Barboza Professional Boxer: “Ricardo De La Fuente is determined and has a fighters spirit. It will be my first time voting, and I look forward to casting my vote for him, as we need someone who will Fight For us.”

After a resounding victory in Texas’ district 27th primary, with a win of 62%, Ricardo De La Fuente has become the youngest congressional nominee in Texas in recent history.

At just 30 years of age, Ricardo brings fresh new ideas to the table. His platform is focused on healthcare, the economy and education. He brings his entrepreneurial spirit to help revive our economy during and post-COVID, he is working with both the private and public sectors to help organize drives to deliver PPE to the public and our most vulnerable population. Recently he worked with councilman Cezar Martinez of Robstown Texas to distribute masks to the citizens and local law enforcement. During the runoff election, while in the middle of a dangerous spike in the pandemic, Ricardo De La Fuente donated much needed PPE to election workers in his district.


“I’m running to fight for the people of TX-27 those without a voice,” said Ricardo De La Fuente, Democratic Congressional nominee. “like the 31 percent uninsured in this district, we need to fix our broken healthcare system.”

Ricardo is focused on making real change in the district, starting with healthcare, jobs, and education. As the uncertainty grows around this pandemic Ricardo took a proactive approach to help get laptops to young students across his district and has promised to fight to keep our teachers, students and schools safe and healthy.

“I joined Ricardo’s team because I know he has the heart to serve people, ” said Jonathan Helmer, Deputy political Director. “Everyday on the campaign trail we meet people who had been affected by COVID 19, these people have lost their jobs, their health insurance and some people are losing their homes, this makes Ricardo’s resolve that much stronger.”

The Ricardo De La Fuente campaign brings a mix of old school grassroots politics with a touch of modern technology. Because of the coronavirus his field team has taken on a heavy digital presence during the pandemic, he has committed his own resources to bring his message to the people in Texas-27 by investing 1.1 million dollars into the campaign to bring jobs, healthcare, and education for our communities. He values strong values and is committed to fight the culture of corruption in our nations capital.

“We’re here not just to win but to be the voice for the people” said Ricardo De La Fuente, Democratic Congressional nominee. “We have a lot of work to do from here to November 3rd. I’m ready to work hard from the first day in Congress to deliver results for our families”.

Ricardo De La Fuente visited with residents along the gulf coast who have just lived the passing of Hurricane Hannah while still burdened by the damage from Hurricane Harvey. It has become clear that there is a lack of preparation for emergencies and inadequate response measures in our district. The infrastructure has regressed and the community needs connectivity now more than ever.

“As we brace ourselves from CAT 1 storm in Florida and the East Coast, the Gulf Coast is recovering at a remarkably slow pace from last week’s hurricane,” said Ricardo De La Fuente. “Many people do not have power, hospitals are burdened during a pandemic, and safe evacuations are a health risk when social distancing is essential. This is a blow to our economy following the punch delivered from COVID-19.”

Ricardo is touring the 27th District and focusing on the area hit by hurricanes over the next two weeks. The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped Ricardo De La Fuente and his team in contacting those counties and residents in need. It is clear thus far that his compassionate leadership continues to reach those which are most vulnerable.

Analysis from Ricardo De La Fuente’s team has noted, “Hurricane Harvey cost Americans $125 billion dollars, now Hurricane Hanna will cause around $350 million in insured losses,” said Luis Rodrigo Castillo, policy and campaign director. “Ricardo De La Fuente has experience from the private sector and has the potential to rebuild the fractured infrastructure to stimulate our economy once again. It is only a matter of time until we are struck again, however, his experience will prove helpful during and after a natural disaster”.

“Our friends and neighbors are suffering in their homes right now; some have no power. This is another example of our community being neglected by those who are in a seat to make a difference,” said Ricardo De La Fuente. “I want to ensure that we can put a team together, that can openly communicate between our Federal, state, and county governments to not only be prepared for recovery but to have a preventative plan in place. We must attempt to prevent disasters, and we must do better for America.”

For emergency assistance in your city affected by Hurricane Hanna or Hurricane Isaias please contact your local Red Cross. For a list of resources please visit

About Ricardo de La Fuente

Ricardo De La Fuente is the candidate for the 27th district of Texas for the United States Congress. From a young age, he began his successful life as a businessman in the private sector. He recently won his election in Texas to become one of the youngest Latino Democratic candidates. For more information, visit

Congressional candidate Ricardo De La Fuente today proudly shared a message from the former president of Mexico Vicente Fox. ” Winning the Texas democratic primary means you have a big responsibility to represent Latino leaders across the United States,” said Fox “I am really proud of the leadership in the Latino community in the USA and I urge to continue to fight for them.”

Vicente Fox is the 55th president of Mexico and was the first non-traditional party candidate elected president to Mexico in over 80 years. President Vicente Fox has long been a critic of the Trump administration border wall policy, calling him out publicly several times on social media.

he message of President Fox comes on the heels of the meeting between President Donald Trump of the United States and President (AMLO) Lopez Obrador of Mexico. Democratic nominee Ricardo De La Fuente has vowed to make comprehensive immigration reform a priority in congress.

“Now more than ever, in the middle of the Corona Virus Fight, we must make a sensible and safe policy that can safely bring out of the darkness the many undocumented immigrants in this country.” Said Ricardo ” they contribute to our economy, are part of our moral fabric, and we need them to feel safe in the fight against COVID-19″

“The failures of this administration’s border security initiative are a real concern as we unite to rebuild our economy and our fractured health care infrastructure. Knowing that you can depend on the counsel and support of allied leaders is important” said Joseph Ramirez, campaign Consultant. “Ricardo brings his experience from the private sector, but also can reach out to a vast network of leadership in both the United States and abroad.”

The campaign plans to expand its support to the community from within the district in the weeks to come as they have kicked off their virtual campaign and continue to build a top political team to gear up for the general election in November.

About Ricardo de La Fuente

Ricardo De La Fuente is the candidate for the 27th district of Texas for the United States Congress. From a young age, he began his successful life as a businessman in the private sector. He recently won his election in Texas to become one of the youngest Latino Democratic candidates. For more information, visit

Ricardo De La Fuente, the youngest Nominee for Congress in Texas, added, “Regardless of the outcome of the election, I wish for the sake of the American people that the winner brings unity back to our nation so together we can defeat the devastating COVID 19”.

Ricardo De La Fuente leads with his heart and has truly campaigned on Unity. Ricardo said, “In times of crisis, true leaders bring people together, at times when the political rhetoric is divisive. I am ready to bring unity to our nation.” Ricardo added, “get ready for a trailblazer in congress, someone who plans to set new standards in working hard and delivering results to our nation as quickly as possible.”

Ricardo De La Fuente recently finished a documentary that is currently in Post Production. It explores the impact of COVID 19 on America’s economy, public health, and mental health. Ricardo added, “For the sake of veterans who fought for our freedom, for the single mother of two working the nightshift as a nurse saving as many lives as possible, for the immigrant business owners who came to the US because they believed in the American Dream, for our families and everyone in our community… We need to come together as one nation!”

Ricardo De La Fuente has emerged as the frontrunner for US Congressional District 27 in Texas. During his campaign, he has donated masks to at-risk poll workers and much-needed PPE supplies to prevent the spread of Covid 19, as well as computers, to facilitate online school learning to the most vulnerable families. Voting began this week in Texas and will finish November 3rd on Election Day. Please prepare your plan to vote.

Ricardo De La Fuente, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House District 27 in Texas, centers the health care consumer in his campaign for improved care. Price transparency, prescription drug price negotiations, and the latest technology can fulfill America’s promise to care for its residents.

The average American spends $1,200 per year on prescription drugs, far surpassing other developed nations. In the 27th District, 31% of residents are uninsured and left exposed to skyrocketing healthcare costs. De La Fuente sees affordable access to healthcare and price transparency as essential to improving the lives of millions of Americans.

De La Fuente knows that the U.S. doesn’t have a single healthcare system but competing systems that drive up costs. The COVID-19 outbreak shows that our current system is unequal and inadequate for today’s challenges. If elected, he would promote technology and policies that simplify healthcare interactions for millions of patients each year.

Assisted living facilities nationwide represented the number one source of COVID-19 cases early in the outbreak. Staff lacked the resources and guidance to properly help some of our most vulnerable neighbors. De La Fuente believes that protective gear, training, and cutting-edge technology can protect seniors from future outbreaks. founder Ace Bhattacharjya sees De La Fuente as an emerging leader for the future of American healthcare. “Ricardo understands the need to have low-cost health insurance for all Americans,” said Bhattacharjya.

De La Fuente speaks from experience when talking about modernizing the healthcare industry. He has worked with assisted living facilities and tech companies during his business career. As a member of Congress, De La Fuente would use these experiences to build legislation that helps the U.S. achieve its healthcare potential.

Last week with less than 30 days left to Election Day the race for TX27 got a lot closer. I’m the three-way race to represent the people of Texas an independent poll was conducted. Democrat Ricardo De La Fuente and incumbent Republican Mike Cloud are in a virtual tie. De La Fuente has 34% support compared to Cloud with 35% and the libertarian candidate, Phil Gray with 8%.

“We came into this race down almost 20 points,” said Ricardo De La Fuente “we hit the ground running and setting up events talking to everyone across the district and listening to them! Now we are excited by the support “

The campaign has focused on helping people who have had their lives impacted by COVID-19. It began by delivering much needed PPE to election workers to helping students get laptops for back to school E-Learning.

“I train at the CCPOA boxing gym every morning “. Said Ricardo “that fighting spirit is what motivates me on the campaign trail. I want to bring solutions to the table that will help everyone. I was the underdog in this race and I’m gonna fight for every vote to be a voice for everyone in Washington. “

Ricardo travels the district 7 days a week and will be available for set aside interviews upon request.

Ricardo De La Fuente doubles down in Texas campaign for congress, pledges $1.1 million to bring leadership, healthcare, jobs back to Texas.

(Corpus Christi, TX) ) Congressional candidate Ricardo De La Fuente today sent a strong message to opponent Michael Cloud, “Texans want a leader who puts families first, and they want some one who will put leadership ahead of politics.”  “Michael Cloud voted no on the families first bill” said nominee Ricardo De La Fuente “I knew then that Cloud was playing politics in the middle of the pandemic when people needed help not partisan bickering.  My campaign has always been about families first!  The time is now for leadership and not politics. Today I pledged my own resources in this campaign to get my message out to the voters in the district in the amount of $1.1 million. I will work hard in the district to make sure that the focus is centered on issues that people need,  Quality healthcare, A financially reliable job, and equal opportunities for all, regardless of race or gender.

 “Ricardo is a strong and honest businessman who brings his experience from the private and public sector to help make a difference in the community during our nations crisis in the fight against corona virus.”  Said Joseph Ramirez, senior consultant.  “He’s a moral leader with a bright future in public service, in times of chaos, we need someone who can lead with clarity and compassion, and that leader is Ricardo De La Fuente.

He Is fighting for all voters so that they can cast a ballot safely, prompting him to write to the Texas Governor Greg Abbott urging for an expansion of mail in voting.  As part his strategy to ensure safe elections He has reached out to local election workers and administrators to donate much needed PPE equipment to help keep them safe.  Ricardo has also helped to get PPE equipment to churches and non-profits across the nation.His field program is stepping up to make sure that he can reach voters this November! In an effort to keep everyone safe, and in the absence of door-to-door campaigning, Ricardo will begin an aggressive digital and mobile campaign, seeking new mediums to expand the voter base.

 “A life where you have healthcare, an opportunity for prosperity, a justice system that sees you and values your life equally; a life where you work hard and know the path you are on is open for you to climb.  That is the America I know, that is the America I love. That’s the America I want to fight for.”


 – Ricardo De La Fuente

Father and son duo, Rick and Roque de la Fuente are getting ready for a fun-filled Father’s Day weekend, and they are doing it while campaigning. “During this pandemic, we have come to appreciate what’s most important in life, and that’s family,” said the presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente. “The time is now for leadership, not politics,” added Ricardo De La Fuente. We don’t have leadership coming out to stand for the Latino community. We are being affected at higher rates during the pandemic, both financially and our health. Ricardo has learned to campaign during this pandemic in new ways. “The days of door to door and face to face campaigning have been put on hold,” said Joseph Ramirez Senior consultant to the De La Fuente campaign. “Ricardo brings his experience from the business world to try and make a change in congress.” The family dynasty has begun to make a difference across the nation. The family has donated PPE safety equipment to communities, churches, and election workers to ensure people stay safe during the COVID 19 Pandemic in California, Florida, and Texas.

Second Generation Immigrant vows to Fight for Families, Inner City, and Small Businesses.

Harvard Educated, Clean Energy Entrepreneur.

Ricardo “Ricky” De La Fuente, has announced his run under the Democratic Party for the Congress.l

The third of five children, De La Fuente learned the value of family and fighting for elements that make families strong from a very young age. He studied at the University of San Diego, and Harvard. A devout Catholic of Mexican-Persian heritage, he is fluent in eight languages and is credited with starting multiple businesses and job creation.

“I am running because I want to fight for families, the inner city, and small businesses.” “As a second-generation U.S. Citizen, I have experienced the struggle of discrimination, and I want to champion all of our community issues. My family has a long history of working in Mexico and the United States to create jobs. I want to bring that experience to support our communities’ small business, support families, stand up for our citizens against President Trump’s bad policies but work with his administration when it benefits the District.

De La Fuente has toured the country with his father, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, who is running as a candidate for the 2020 presidential campaign, meeting with citizens of all backgrounds, thus gaining an appreciation for diversity and issues plaguing our nation at large.

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