Ricardo De La Fuente doubles down in Texas campaign for congress, pledges $1.1 million to bring leadership, healthcare, jobs back to Texas.

(Corpus Christi, TX) ) Congressional candidate Ricardo De La Fuente today sent a strong message to opponent Michael Cloud, “Texans want a leader who puts families first, and they want some one who will put leadership ahead of politics.”  “Michael Cloud voted no on the families first bill” said nominee Ricardo De La Fuente “I knew then that Cloud was playing politics in the middle of the pandemic when people needed help not partisan bickering.  My campaign has always been about families first!  The time is now for leadership and not politics. Today I pledged my own resources in this campaign to get my message out to the voters in the district in the amount of $1.1 million. I will work hard in the district to make sure that the focus is centered on issues that people need,  Quality healthcare, A financially reliable job, and equal opportunities for all, regardless of race or gender.

 “Ricardo is a strong and honest businessman who brings his experience from the private and public sector to help make a difference in the community during our nations crisis in the fight against corona virus.”  Said Joseph Ramirez, senior consultant.  “He’s a moral leader with a bright future in public service, in times of chaos, we need someone who can lead with clarity and compassion, and that leader is Ricardo De La Fuente.

He Is fighting for all voters so that they can cast a ballot safely, prompting him to write to the Texas Governor Greg Abbott urging for an expansion of mail in voting.  As part his strategy to ensure safe elections He has reached out to local election workers and administrators to donate much needed PPE equipment to help keep them safe.  Ricardo has also helped to get PPE equipment to churches and non-profits across the nation.His field program is stepping up to make sure that he can reach voters this November! In an effort to keep everyone safe, and in the absence of door-to-door campaigning, Ricardo will begin an aggressive digital and mobile campaign, seeking new mediums to expand the voter base.

 “A life where you have healthcare, an opportunity for prosperity, a justice system that sees you and values your life equally; a life where you work hard and know the path you are on is open for you to climb.  That is the America I know, that is the America I love. That’s the America I want to fight for.”


 – Ricardo De La Fuente

Father and son duo, Rick and Roque de la Fuente are getting ready for a fun-filled Father’s Day weekend, and they are doing it while campaigning.
“During this pandemic, we have come to appreciate what’s most important in life, and that’s family,” said the presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente. “The time is now for leadership, not politics,” added Ricardo De La Fuente.

We don’t have leadership coming out to stand for the Latino community. We are being affected at higher rates during the pandemic, both financially and our health.
Ricardo has learned to campaign during this pandemic in new ways. “The days of door to door and face to face campaigning have been put on hold,” said Joseph Ramirez Senior consultant to the De La Fuente campaign. “Ricardo brings his experience from the business world to try and make a change in congress.”

The family dynasty has begun to make a difference across the nation. The family has donated PPE safety equipment to communities, churches, and election workers to ensure people stay safe during the COVID 19 Pandemic in California, Florida, and Texas.

Second Generation Immigrant vows to Fight for Families, Inner City, and Small Businesses.

Harvard Educated, Clean Energy Entrepreneur.

Ricardo “Ricky” De La Fuente, has announced his run under the Democratic Party for the Congress.l

The third of five children, De La Fuente learned the value of family and fighting for elements that make families strong from a very young age. He studied at the University of San Diego, and Harvard. A devout Catholic of Mexican-Persian heritage, he is fluent in eight languages and is credited with starting multiple businesses and job creation.

“I am running because I want to fight for families, the inner city, and small businesses.” “As a second-generation U.S. Citizen, I have experienced the struggle of discrimination, and I want to champion all of our community issues. My family has a long history of working in Mexico and the United States to create jobs. I want to bring that experience to support our communities’ small business, support families, stand up for our citizens against President Trump’s bad policies but work with his administration when it benefits the District.

De La Fuente has toured the country with his father, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, who is running as a candidate for the 2020 presidential campaign, meeting with citizens of all backgrounds, thus gaining an appreciation for diversity and issues plaguing our nation at large.