Every American deserves a roof over their head, a safe neighborhood, an education, a good paying job, and access to healthcare.

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During these times we should feel confident that Congress is doing everything in its power to keep our district safe and healthy. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

We need a change in our district. Someone with the ability to lead, who always speaks the truth and puts aside their political interests. It is time to unite as a community and vote for Ricardo De La Fuente, who also has a plan to support the health sector to help combat COVID-19.

We need a public health response that include free tests available, removal of cost barriers to treatment, and necessary facilities.

In addition, we need a sound economic plan with relief to the unemployed and aid to small businesses. We need to provide all the resources at our disposal to the workers, families and business owners that will be seriously affected by this crisis in our district.

As you can see, the stakes are high and the choice is clear. Vote for Ricardo De La Fuente.

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